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Articles in Spanish, el / los vs. la / las

Hunter Stevens - Vertical Spanish

TypeScript Developer, Part-Time Spanish Teacher

Let's take a dive into the world of Spanish articles: el, la, los, and las. You may think that these words are simple to understand, but a lot of Spanish learners get confused when it comes to using them correctly. Luckily, there is a system to help you figure out which article to use.

Mental Model:

  • "El" and "Los" are used for masculine nouns
  • "La" and "Las" are used for feminine nouns

Examples with El & Los:

"El lápiz" The pencil (masculine)

"Los lápices" The pencils (masculine)

"El libro" The book (masculine)

"Los libros" The books (masculine)

"El perro" The dog (masculine)

"Los perros" The dogs (masculine)

Examples with La & Las:

"La mesa" The table (feminine)

"Las mesas" The tables (feminine)

"La chaqueta" The jacket (feminine)

"Las chaquetas" The jackets (feminine)

"La foto" The photo (feminine)

"Las fotos" The photos (feminine)

If you remember the rules above and practice, you'll have no problem using the correct Spanish article every time. Good luck and happy learning, amigos! 🤠