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Top 50 Most Frequent Verbs

Hunter Stevens - Vertical Spanish

TypeScript Developer, Part-Time Spanish Teacher

ser (to be)
estar (to be)
tener (to have)
hacer (to do, make)
decir (to say, tell)
ir (to go)
ver (to see)
poder (to be able to, can)
dar (to give)
saber (to know)
querer (to want, love)
llegar (to arrive)
pasar (to pass, happen)
poner (to put, place)
parecer (to seem, appear)
sentir (to feel)
encontrar (to find)
seguir (to follow, continue)
pensar (to think)
salir (to go out, leave)
entrar (to enter)
venir (to come)
llevar (to carry, wear)
entender (to understand)
dejar (to leave, let)
comenzar (to begin)
necesitar (to need)
hablar (to speak, talk)
mirar (to look at, watch)
creer (to believe)
vivir (to live)
conocer (to know, be acquainted with)
tratar (to try, treat)
ponerse (to become)
oír (to hear)
gustar (to like)
quedar (to stay, remain)
caer (to fall)
salir (to leave, go out)
llevar (to take, carry)
llegar (to reach, arrive)
preguntar (to ask)
seguir (to continue, follow)
encontrar (to meet, find)
pensar (to think)
empezar (to start, begin)
esperar (to wait, hope)
volver (to return, go back)
mirar (to look, watch)
terminar (to finish)